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  • Antibiotic Resistance Now "Global Threat",
    WHO Warns by Pippa Stephens

  • How Sleep Affects Us

  • Is Caffeine Good for Our Health?

  • Freedom of the Press

  • Why It Is Not Worth Buying a Car

  • Lava Lamp Experiment

  • Design of an Open Channel

  • Questions


  • The impact of Covid-19 on the public and health
    expenditure gradient in mortality in England

  • Does a joint income taxation system for married
    couples disincentivise the female labour supply?

  • Autonomous motivation: the key to
    employee performance and workplace

  • Perceptions of the use and effectiveness
    of victim personal statements within West
    Yorkshire Police

  • Conditional cooperation between the young
    and old and the influence of work experience,
    charitable giving, and social identity

  • Impact of the Child Support Grant on Nutritional
    Outcomes in South Africa: Is there a ‘pregnancy
    support’ effect?

  • An Investigative Study into the Effects of
    Price and Non-Price Oriented TV Advertising
    on Generation Z Consumers’ Purchase Intentions.

  • I seen folks disappeah: An assessment of the
    meaning and function of the ‘Flying African’
    folklore to the Gullah people of Georgia‌


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